What do flowers mean to you?

It is always lovely to receive a bunch of flowers, occasionally I treat myself to some, but it is much nicer to receive them from someone else – whether to say “thanks”, “I love you”, “Get well soon” or maybe even sorry!!!

In times gone by of course, it was much more complicated as each bloom meant something…..

The obvious and simple one of course is rose ….. but is it?

I thought a red rose meant love, but according to various sources from the wonderful interweb

– while a red rose means passionate love, respect, courage
– a dark red rose means mourning,
– a pink rose means friendship and gratitude
– and a yellow rose can mean jealousy or joy or  infidelity or welcome back!!!

Talk about confusing!

These days of course it is much easier, we just order the flowers and send a message attached!

This featured post was brought to you by the lovely  people at www.flowers.org.uk , but all opinions expressed are my own!

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