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On the 11th of December – Christmas in our Church

Our church is a large part of our family life, and at Christmas it is wonderful to meet and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

This morning, before church, I took some photos while the kids were rehearsing for next week’s Carol Service, and thought I’d share them with you.

You can find more about the history of our congregation on our church website but after about 100 years of Methodists meeting in our town, our current church was built in 1875.

A group of ladies in our church have created a collection of beautiful banners, and the current display are all names of Christ in various languages.

We have a large pipe organ

As it is Advent, these are our Advent Candles – the 3rd one was lit this morning.

And a few weeks ago the kids made an Advent Wreath with their handprints

Handprint Advent craft for kids - advent candles, Advent Sunday, Christmas

In the vestibule we have a knitted nativity scene

knitted nativity scene for Christmas in Seymour St Methodist Church Lisburn

While our church is beautiful, and historic, and tastefully decorated, what is much more important is the people. Jesus doesn’t need beautiful buildings, he wants people with hearts open to HIM. (Don’t want to sound too preachy – but want to share my faith too!)

After I had wandered around taking the photos, I headed down stairs to the Coffee Fellowship, where some of us meet for coffee and a chat while Sunday School is in progress, before the main service starts.

This morning we even had the treat of mince pies and homemade shortbread – which was worthy of another photo!

Thanks for joining my blog today, and letting me share a wee bit of my church.

May you to know Christ, wherever you are this Christmas,

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  1. Thanks for the lovely peek into your beautiful church! I love seeing the many different ways that believers express their love for God! Merry Christmas!

  2. I so enjoyed reading this post- I had to ask. What is mince pies? He was informed! Iove learning about your holiday traditions I still want to have a holiday dinner with you that meal you made looks so yummy! I showed b the photo of all of you at the dinner table and he said it looks like a Norman Rockwell photo

  3. The advent painting /craft by the children of your church is a good idea. I like the knitted nativity – must be some crafty members in the congregation. I went to my local church carol
    Service tonight. I’d love to sing in the choir but I am very out of tune!

  4. I love the stain glass windows. Very beautiful. Cute nativity. I love the idea of the banners of Christ name is different languages. Always enjoy your blog.
    God bless


  5. Hi JM,

    What a beautiful building you have – but you are right, its not the building, not the people, its what’s within.

    I’m decorating the sanctuary of our church this week and keeping it very simple. I think it will be a place of peace people can come to amidst all the “glitz” of the world.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your stained glass is absolutely gorgeous! It’s definitely what’s within that’s most important, but I have to say that it really is nice to worship in a beautiful place. Many churches in Japan were built after WWII, and beauty seems to have been way, way down on the list of priorities when the buildings were designed! It’s a blessing to have beauty on the outside and the inside!

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