11 December – more Christmas Trees

Hopefully you haven’t already had enough of Christmas trees after yesterday’s Christmas Tree festival, as there are more trees today!

Today I just want to quickly share the 3 trees we now have in our house. Way back when we were first married (21 years ago!) we bought our first tree and one set of lights, and decorated it with ribbon paper bows.  If I can track down a photo, I’ll add it to this post. These days trees, lights and decorations all much more affordable……so we have gradually progressed to the 3 trees we have today.

Putting them up, adding the lights and then decorating them really doesn’t take too long as the kids love to help.

Fortunately they are all ok with my obsessive tendencies to divide the decoration into 3 groups –

the gold/cream tree (in the living room)


The silver/white tree (in our hall)


And finally the red and anything else tree (in our kitchen/family room)


Am I the only one who does this? Do let me know!

Come back tomorrow for more daily December blogging!

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