Pinterest Advent Calendar Finds and our own Advent Calendar this year

Each year I purchase an Advent Calender, but I also enjoy re-using the ones from previous years.

As our house is still in semi-chaos so our Christmas decorations are not yet down from the attic. I am waiting impatiently patiently, and making do with this year’s calendar.  We will have lots of catching up to do when we do get them unpacked.

I purchased it from Phoenix Trading – I love their designs, and although made of card, it is quite sturdy so should last a few years.

Their products are always beautifully illustrated.

This year I chose a Victorian house – my son has enjoyed helping to find the number on the doors/windows each day, and seeing what is inside.

{I do have 2 daughters too, but they are a bit blog-shy and camera-shy, hence they don’t get mentioned too often ….. but they do exist!}

By now the kids have usually pestered persuaded me to purchase 3 chocolate advents, but they seem to have forgotten this year ……. ssshhhh ….. don’t remind them! These ones are from last year:

Here are some of our other advents (currently languishing in the attic)

I love this Nativity one – each day you add a new character to the Nativity Scene

It has been a while since we actually put anything into the drawers of this Santa one, but it still usually finds a spot somewhere in the house.

You can read a more about the history of Advent Calendars HERE on Wikipedia.

Of couse there are some amazing advent calenders on Pinterest …… here are a few of my recent favourites

LOVE this easy envelope Advent Calendar


Another simple yet effective one

This wee house one is adorable


I love this simple modern one

Finally, this wee house one is very cute


If you are looking for even MORE Christmas Advent Calendars I have another blog post here Top Pinterest Christmas Advent Crafts, or you call follow my Pinterest Christmas Advent Board.

So do you have a favourite advent calendar? I’d love you to share.

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