Rend Collective in concert and Compassion

Last night I took my kids and a friend to see Rend Collective in concert at Bangor Elim Centre.

Rend Collective Experiment are a christian band with some wonderful music. (They are probably dropping the “Experiment” from their next album)

rend collective in concert - janmary blog
Rend Collective in concert

They are quite an eclectic group of musicians who play an astounding number of musical instruments between them.

rend collective
rend collective

Bangor Elim is there home church, so it was a kind of Homecoming concert – and was sold out!

It was my 8 year old son’s first ever concert – and to say he was excited was an understatement.

rend collective
Rend collective in concert – eager fan

The best way to describe their music is to watch them, so here is a wee introduction to their latest album Campfire on YouTube

Campfire Story

As well as singing so of our favourite songs, they sang a few amazing new ones ……. but we aren’t allowed to tell you about them yet! They will be worth the wait!

There were a few “talky” bits too. The first one was an introduction to their favourite charity Compassion, an amazing charity which provides kids in developing countries with food, education, health care and more.

Compassion UK

The prayer of Rend Collective is that many more kids will be sponsored and supported – you can find out more HERE. Our family sponsors a 12 year old girl from Uganda.

The second “talky” bit was a question time with the audience – which provided a bit more of an insight into their personalities, their faith and their most embarrassing moments on tour! My son was so chuffed to get chosen to ask a question – “What would you be if you weren’t singers?” Their answers included a physio and a superhero!

Before we left, we bought the Campfire album ….. and listened to it all the way home!

rend collective campfire
rend collective campfire

So over to you – have you heard of them? What do you make of them? Who have you heard in concert recently?

Do share! I LOVE comments (almost as much as I love Rend Collective!)

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