Tonight’s layout after a lovely weekend

So here is the layout. It is of my middle daughter Jane in Lady Dixon Park, Belfast 2 years ago. I remember it was a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon (just as today), and there was a brass band playing in the park. The girls played with their skipping ropes while we sat on a blanket with Sam, who was just over 6 months old.

Credits – check over at my gallery at Elemental Scraps

I have had a lovely weekend, got to see friends and family.

Tonight I was able to get to a special service at church where the topic was ‘My Faith and Mental Illness’. I feel that often there is a stigma about mental illness and depression, particularily in christian circles. I have suffered from post natal depression after the birth of our son, and it has given me just a glimpse of what a dark and lonely place the world can be for those who have depression and other mental problems. We don’t feel guilty if we break our leg, but seem to when it is depression. The speaker tonight was a Consultant Psychiatrist, and spoke on all aspects, giving a christian perspective. I hope we can make it more acceptable within our church and community, and this was another step along that road. Phew – that was a bit heavy, sorry about that.

Must stop my ramblings,

Hope your sunday was special,

Take care for now.

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  1. gorgeous LO Janmary!
    I think it is a possitive thing to have had a Consultant Psychiatrist speak at your church. Although I have never been diagnosed as having postnatal depression, I know I have suffered from it in varying degrees over the years. I try not to beat myself up about it because I know being a Mother is a hard job. It can be lonely ‘tho because you assume everyone around you are all happy and bright and not a care in the world, but I just think that really they are just better at hiding their disappointments and troubles. Anyway…enough rambling from me…:-)

  2. Beautiful JanMary!! I love the kit you chose, its works perfectly!!

    I think depression is really hard to deal with, I fought it after the sudden death of my Uncle, and I hate to think of where I could be now, if it hadn’t been for my wonderful supportive DH.

  3. what a sweet LO! love the layering along the left side & she is darling in that photo 🙂

    i also had post-partum depression, which gave me a glimpse of the dreary place it can lead to. thankfully i pulled out of it relatively quickly. but it did give me a little insight & helps me try to be more understanding of those who suffer long-term.

    and not to worry… you’re not being too heavy! it’s wonderful that you took something positive away from your church meeting 🙂

  4. Beautiful layout! It’s heather from Heather’s Stuff, and you answered the poll. I want to send you the link to the cherries, but I need your email addy. Please email me at
    Thank you!

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