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Top 10 Pinterest Christmas Advent Crafts

There are some wonderful Pinterest Advent craft ideas. There are so many to choose from but these are some of my favourite…..

This adorable house

Love this Advent tree

Lots of little cute crafty trees in this one

A more grown-up and classy one

Using a baking tray (cookie sheet) for this one

A great one for the kids to cut off and count down to Christmas

Or if you prefer glue over scissors, attach cotton wool for each day to Santa’s beard

Love this cute mini bucket one

And this one is great for along a bannister

Some lovely pre-Christmas family activities

Do you have any Advents Calendars?

For more pinterest Advent craft inspiration, why not follow my Pinterest Christmas Advent board!

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  1. Advent is a big deal in our house. Mary and Joseph start walking along a starry path and at the end of each day the candle(s) on the advent wreath get light, v1 of People look East is sung and the star gets put in a window building constellations. There is also a growing advent seen, which M and J are walking towards. Every morning a new creature will have appeared and then nearer to Christmas all the traditional figures will start to arrive including a heavenly host on Christmas eve. This has been the tradition in my house for the last 20 years, through various foster children and now my own. The figures I made from fleece and felt and add new needlefelted animals as needed. On Christmas day the wise men start traveling around the living room, arriving on the scene in time for Epiphany. The whole process is very influenced by the Waldorf tradition but we have made it our own. It sounds like alot of effort but the kids get excited about it. They still might have advent calendars from Godparents but these are in their bedroom and are generally picture ones.

  2. I need to start doing something with my little one. I want to do an advent calendar of some sort but we have been gearing up for her birthday so, no time. I will definitely do one though. I’ll keep you posted! 😉

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