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27 December – a blustery day on the beach and a seal!

It’s the day after Boxing Day, and belatedly we had a brief brisk walk at Portbradden.

Just a few images to share…..it was cold and blustery, so we didn’t linger long – long enough to take a few photos of course!

portbradden 3a


portbradden 4



I love this abandoned bath right by the sea!

portbradden bath

Heading back to the car, as the rain was starting, and I spotted a seal in the sea. It seemed to be watching me!!!

portbradden 3

Didn’t manage to capture it on my iPhone, but here it is thanks to my Canon DSLR.

It was great to get outdoors, but even better coming back home to a roaring fire!

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  1. Very beautiful. I love the ocean. In the first picture is that an inn or apartments or? and the seal is adorable. I wonder if the tub washed over. On the pacific coast were still get debris from the Japanese tsunami a couple years back.

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