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Christmas Home Tour 2012 with Janmary

It’s that time again ….. my favourite bloggy time of the year, when we all visit eachother’s blogs and share our Christmas decor.

So welcome to my world, and home, here in Northern Ireland.

Come on, on in and make yourself at home.

We will start in the living room this year …… cream and gold theme again for 2012.

I may be a whole lot a little obsessive about dividing my decorations by colour, and this room is all cream, gold and natural tones.

This is our Christmas Pyramid from Austria, but was named “the Jesus helicopter” a few years back by our son. It has 4 candles for Advent…. but as you see I really must buy some new candles!

The hearth and fireplace don’t have too much going on this year – just a few wee trees, candles, NOEL gold letters, and one of our nativities.

The majority of the nativities are on top of our piano …… I think it is time to stop finding nativites and buying them!


The only exception to the gold/cream is our Advent Calendar House for this year, and my collection of nesting santas and snowmen.

The perfect combination would of course be a nesting nativity ….. the hunt is on! Let me know if you find one.

Leaving the living room into our NEW hall …… where for the first time we have a tree here too. This one has a silver and white theme….. and I enjoyed puting the photographic tutorial from Elizabeth Halford into practice to get the lights to sparkle.

On our new bookcase I have a new Christmas word “Believe”, and my first ever nativity, which we  bought in London soon after we were married.

I also have an illuminated ginger bread house from Ikea, and a real ginger bread house from Ikea too, assembled with it’s own flat-pack instructions by my son with the help of lots of white chocolate, icing and sweeties.  He is keen to start eating it, but I love the gingery-scent which I get as I pass by.

In the kitchen/family room the overall theme of the tree is red/green …… but really anything goes!

My favourite decoration on this tree is probably this wee robin.

You may have noted all the trees have white lights …… the kids dream of coloured lights, but I love my white non-flashing lights!!!

I seem to have assembled quite a gathering of festive words in cream and red for my kitchen window sill.

Although I do love Christmas, and all the associated decor and festivity, for me the most important part of Christmas is CHRIST, when Jesus, my Saviour, was born.

For some Christmas can be a tough for some who are alone, or who have lost a special loved one. I pray this season you will find some comfort. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims of Sandy Hook school.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I would LOVE it (hint, hint) if you could leave a comment, letting me know where you are celebrating Christmas this year.

Do you have a special decoration? Do you have only white lights? Please share a wee bit of your Christmas with me.

I am joining in these home tours …. so if you have yet to have your fill of Christmas …. go visit!

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Thanks, and have a wonderful Christmas.

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  1. I love your Christmas decorations. Ours have only just gone up this week-end and Dave is a typical Bah Humbug kinda guy when it comes to what he calls tat and I call adorable ornament! We have an Advent Helicopter too. The trick is trying to keep it from being broken by an over-enthusiastic 8 year old who shouts, “Run Kings, Run – you’ll be late!” as he spins the thing faster and faster….
    Have a wonderful Christmas. Dxx

  2. so pretty – much more so than my house right now – we haven’t taken any decorations from the attic this year – and life is crazy right now – so trying to find “our christmas spirit” – enjoyed viewing your christmas home!

  3. I love all the letters in the kitchen. I only have white lights and just the one tree with no tinsel. I am slowly gathering wooden and special decorations to fill it but have a long way to go as it is huge. Sending you all the best wishes for Christmas and New year. I hope to catch up with you soon.

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