Team Skylander – a new creation – Driller

My son (we will call him Junior) is mad about Skylanders, and loves playing with the characters, both on the Wii, and just with the figures too. Many a deep discussion is to be had about the merits of each character and their powers. The plot, graphics and attention to detail by the designers are impressive. The characters have super-sized powers, puzzles to solve, with lots of levels to explore and discoveries to inspire his imagination.

When the chance to design your own Skylander character via the Tots 100 blogging network and win the opportunity to join the blogging Team Skylander, he set straight to work.

Let me introduce……….


Driller is a 4 armed, 3 legged Skylander with a spinning/drilling tail.

Not content with a basic info and drawing, Junior has given a LOT of consideration to Driller’s various powers. As you can see, he is an ethusiastic 8 year old expert (!) and would just love to be part of the Skylanders Team, reviewing and blogging about their new products.

All text written by my son is in red

Element – Tec
Primary Attack (button A) : Driller Shooter.
Shoots spinning drills at enemies
Secondary Attack (button B) : Drill Digger
Digs under the ground with the drill spinning above the ground
Z Attack (button Z) : Drill Smash
The drills will spin and crash together making a major shock wave
A A hold A : Drill Rain
Shoot spinning drills into the sky which will explode into lots of spinning drills to fall down on the enemy
A A B : Drill Spins
Driller will turn into loads of spinning drills. To return press A A B.  If an enemy is inside you, you will become it and have stronger powers and enemies won’t attack
A A Z : Drill Charger
Press A A Z to put all your drills in front and have mega drill charges at your enemies shooting spinning drills and lazers.
SOLAR GEM ATTACK – Spinning Digger
Press A, B and Z while using B attack and drills will shoot, spin and crash together above the ground.
Punch : 60/100
Protection : 1000/1000
Speed : 64/65
Luck : 1000/1000
My son would love some feedback on his design, so even if you aren’t as into Skylanders as he is, some encouragement would be appreciated!
To emphisize his love of all things Skylanders, can I just remind you of his recent birthday party when both the cake and the cup cakes all featured his beloved Skylanders. If you are looking for a true fan – we have one in our home!
Any Skylanders fans in your house?

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