Guest Post : Ingenious Bedroom Storage Solutions from John Lewis

Clever bedroom storage furniture can make a little space go a lot further, and life that bit easier with everything allocated a place that isn’t the floor! Here a John Lewis guest bloggers presents top picks for getting the most out of precious space.
Fitted wardrobes
Fitted wardrobes can be tailored especially to suit your bedroom storage needs. A good fitted wardrobe, such as those available at John Lewis,will use up every last inch of available room so you don’t have any wasted space. With many ingenious options like slide-out tie and belt racks and trouser rails, there’ll be a place for everything and you’ll always know where your favourite clothes are stored. If you’re more into shoes than ties, you could choose to personalise your storage with a shoe rack. Or maybe you need some deep shelves for a collection of extravagant hats? A fitted wardrobe tailored to you has all the bases covered.
Under-bed storage trunks
If you’ve got nothing under your bed – you’re missing a trick. Think of all the empty space you’ve been sleeping above. Deep storage trunks or shallow, stackable boxes that slide out from under your bed can help you make the most of an often unused space. These super space-savers are especially handy for keeping spare bedding and duvets where you need them most, and can work wonders as toy storage in a child’s room.
In-built bed storage
When shopping for a brand-new bed, consider a bed with inbuilt storage.  Some have several fitted drawers that you could use for well-organised under-bed storage, while others have bedside table-type space on either side of the bed. Perfect if you’re short on floor space and you want a bit more order and accessibility to your storage than an under-bed trunk can offer.
For children’s rooms check out clever cabin beds that have desks or space for seating underneath the sleeping area.
Handy extras like drawer dividers and wardrobe tidies help keep everything in its rightful place. Drawer dividers in shallow drawers are perfect for organising jewellery, and are super useful in the underwear drawers, which can quickly become a tangle of odd socks. Finally, fabric wardrobe tidies that hang on the inside of your wardrobe door or on the rail itself can turn an often ignored space into a useful storage area, great for storing anything from shoes to scarves, T-shirts to toys…
Disclaimer – this guest blog post has been written on behalf of John Lewis and I have been compensated for this post.

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