A Perfect Day

Well, Mothers Day is nearly over and it was a perfect day!

I have had a lovely day which included the following :

    • a cup of tea in bed
    • a lie in
    • a cd – the new TakeThat album (their song Patience is one of my favourites)
    • a book – The Bad Mothers Handbook – my kids pointed out quickly this was not a reference to me, just the name of the novel!
    • lots of cards – bought, hand made, made in school….all lovely
    • a handmade magnet from my middle daughter
    • a little posy of daffodils in church this morning – all the ladies were given them by the children
  • a very lovely meal cooked by my husband for us and my parents – including asparagus and salmon ‘almost en croute’ and lemon tart for dessert.
  • and – I got some scrapping done this even while watching 2 episodes of Greys Anatomy

So the layout I completed this evening for several challenges is at the top of this post – I haven’t yet managed to work out how to have the pictures anywhere but at the top. Any suggestions?

Credits – Sketch by Rachel Giallongo at The Digi Chic, Font – Harrison, kit Family Style by GabHappy

What about the wedding I here you ask?

Well, it was wonderful and the bride was beautiful.

You’ll have to come back another time for the details and the pics!

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  1. Lovely layout! As for how to put layouts down further in the text, I just copy the code and paste it further down…if you are in the edit html format, when your making a post. Good luck!

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