“September is the other January”

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How do you feel about September?

….. for me it is more like the start of the new year than the 1st of January, so this quote by Gretchen Rubin seems particularily apt.

September is the other January

Gretchen Rubin

For me September is …….

  • start or back to school / university
  • church organisations begin again
  • change of season ….. goodbye sandals, hello boots
  • new (academic) diary (even if you aren’t academic)
  • tidying away the summer pots
  • cosying up the shed – more blankets, changing the cushions
  • summer holiday memories, tan and freckles all fading
  • getting out the slow cooker

This year is another milestone ….. our 2nd daughter / middle child is leaving for University in Scotland. The nest is emptying …… often asked how I feel about that ….. it is a definite change in the family dynamic, but she is ready to go and we are excited for her as this new chapter begins. Very proud of the young women she has become, with a strong faith and resilient spirit, (If she reads this I might get an eye-roll but it’s true)

To keep the update fair and balanced, our eldest daughter is starting her 3rd year of Uni in Scotland too (and very proud of her too!) and our son is almost 15 and has just started his GCSE subjects – so 4 more years of school runs and packed lunches. (Proud of him too obviously!)

So new chapters in our house …… any new starts for you in your house?

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