Seymour Street Panto is over!

We have had a busy few weeks running up to the 2 performances of our Seymour Street Panto – Little Red Riding Hood. If you aren’t sure what a pantomime is, check out my Panto explanation.

Some of these photos taken by David McCrea, some from  my iPhone, some with my Canon DSLR – enjoy!

panto cast and crew

The script was written by our producer/director Lynne’s father, and first preformed 31 years ago! There was singing, dancing, custard (shaving foam) pies thrown, some brilliant ad-libs and lots of topical humour too. I’m sure he would have been so proud of the show Lynne put on, a fitting tribute to Rev Billy McAllister.

panto 6

panto 1

There was a cast of over 30, and another 30 involved backstage – hours spent on costumes, set design, choreographing and learning of scripts.

photo 3

panto 3

photo (1)

It was a great testament to the talent and generosity of those in our congregation, and there was such laughter and fun at the rehearsals that it was a joy to be part of it all. Everyone (cast and crew) of all ages mixed well and enjoyed the process.

It is impossible to mention everyone involved, but the highlights have to include Dame Dumpty in her black taxi,

panto 7

the Wolf and the Wizard competing to work in the cafe,

photo 2

‘Lucious Lips’ Lily and Marigold (the 2 cleaning ladies)

photo 2 (1)

and of course Red Riding Hood herself (Beth) here with Danny (Simon) and Millie (Wendy)


If you think there are more than a few characters you wouldn’t expect to find in the story of Red Riding Hood you would be correct – even Doctor Who put in an appearance! There were memorable performances from the “Anderson Sisters” – 2 consultant doctors and our very own minister Brian, all dressed up and dancing as the Andrews Sisters.

photo 1 (1)

panto 4

We are all certainly on a high following the final performance and after-show party last night, and really hoping Lynne and Brian Trainor won’t keep us waiting another seven years ’til the next show.

Lynne and Simon going over the script

photo 4

Even if the next thing we do is not so ambitious, it was a great time of fun AND fellowship for our church.

A few more photos from backstage

panto 6 panto 5 panto 4 panto 2 panto 1 panto 2014

I made a Flipagram slideshow of some of my iPhone pics from the show

Finally, a clip from the finale song “We Go Together” taken by my husband on his iPhone

So, have you any experience of Pantos?

Have you been involved in any amateur dramatics?

I must say I loved it, much more than I expected too! (even though I was happy to be dancing in the back row for most of the chorus numbers!)

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