A Sunday in London

After the 2 day Brit Mums Live conference in London I had most of the Sunday in London to spend as I pleased.

I didn’t manage to lie it, so I headed out with my compact camera and iphone (I really missed having my DSLR with me) to explore.  I had absolutely NO ROOM in my luggage for anything more, so shopping was out of the question, so being a tourist was the other obvious option.

I walked up through Lambeth (where I was staying in a friend’s flat) to Westminster Bridge, and listened to a downloaded audio tour by Rick Steves, which took me from Westminster Bridge, up past Downing Street and Whitehall, to Trafalgar Square.

Here are a few of the images I took.

I happily coincided with the changing of the guards at Horse Guards Parade, more by aeccident than design, but made the most of the opportunity of being a tourist.

When I approached Trafalgar Square I remembered reading online about West End Live. This was a free event of all the current West End Shows, and started at 12 noon. I had thought about exploring more in London – perhaps walking up The Mall to Buckingham Palace, but thought the concert sounded fun and decided to be uncharacteristcally spontaneous. The concert was part of the Jubilee/Olympic Celebrations in London – this is the countdown clock to the start of the Olympics.

I grabbed a sandwich, and found a spot on the steps and settled down to watch. I was so glad I did. I saw the dancers from Stomp, songs from Wizard of Oz, the Lion King, Thriller, Shrek and Rock of Ages – all in the 90 minutes I was able to stay on watch. At the beginning the sun shone

They were all excellent but I think I enjoyed the Lion King performance most – despite the sudden and very heavy downpour.

Nearly as suddenly as it started, the rain stopped, and the brollies could go down again.

I reluctantly left, headed back to the flat to collect my luggage, then met up with my blogger travel companion at London Bridge station to head back out to Gatwick.

So there you have it – my day in London. If you had a day in London – how would you spend it?

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  1. With my lovely friends who I miss dearly 🙂 Any place is fine with a cup of tea and a scone/ pastry 🙂

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