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That was the week (and weekend) that was!

Haven’t been blogging for about 10 days, so getting caught up.

It has now been a week since we had THE MOST GLORIOUS WEEK of warm sunny weather – it will probably be remembered for many years to come as “THAT week in June of 2013”!

It illustrates how poor our weather usually is that we all got so excited about a spot of sun!

Anyway, last weekend, during the glorious weather, we spend a wonderful weekend up at the north coast. I took more than a few photos, but here are the edited highlights:

On Friday evening we headed out for an icecream and a wander on the wee beach at Portballintrae.

Beautiful calm evening.

Just after lunch on Saturday we headed out to the beach – however there was a very heavy sea mist hugging the coast – literally – the car parks were sunny, but you couldn’t see the sea just about 50 yards away!

It was decidely chilly too in the mist, so we headed by to a very warm and sunny garden at the cottage instead.

On late Saturday afternoon we headed out again, this was the view just at the end of the lane from the cottage.

We headed east along the coast towards Ballycastle – one of my favourite drives.

After some delicious fish and chips from the takeaway at Ballycastle harbour, we went down to the beach for a walk (or a paddle for one!)

The sea was amazingly still and blue, and the weather was still incredibly warm.

Loved this wee bridge we discovered on the way back to the car – played pooh sticks of course!

Then on to our wee private spot near Dunseverick, for our hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows over a fire on the shore.


Sunday – another glorious day. I had to make a jewellery delivery over to the Raddison Resort and Spa, so we came home the “scenic” route via Downhill Strand and Mussenden Temple.

We arrived at the beach from the Limavady direction, which is a change for us.

We drove down along the beach, and someone again made the most of the opportunity for a paddle.

It really was a shame to have to leave the north coast, especially as we knew the weather was coming to an end too.

So there you have it – that week (and weekend) that was!

Please note we do have THREE children – just the other too not so keen to appear on the blog.

For more photos from the glorious sunshine, you can check out my daily iphone photos HERE

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