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Welcome to Our House Swap in the Cotswolds

We usually arrange our home exchanges through www.homeexchange.com

So far in the last few years we have been to Dublin, Boston & Cape Cod, Galway, France and Donegal. This summer however, we have arranged a swap with an old school friend of mine, who now lives in an historic old mill in the Cotswolds.

It has wonderfully thick walls, lots of character and quirkiness.

It has TWO spiral staircases which the kids love, and most of us have already bumped our heads on the low beams and ceilings!

Opposite the cottage they have a HUGE garden/wood/stream/sauna/bridge/hot tub/swing/slide/treehouse! It is quite amazing, and as usually our children struggle to understand why anyone would want to leave such an amazing place to stay in our wee holiday cottage. I’ll share photos of the garden another day. The photos in this blog post are just from my iphone.

The Cotswolds is just an hour north of Bristol, where we spent a year in 2003/4 so we have plans to visit with friends and go back to see some of our favourite haunts! We could not resist coming in from the airport to Bristol via the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Lots more from the beautiful Cotswolds and Bristol coming soon.

Comments appreciated!!!

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  1. Hi JM 

    Ahhh, if we only owned, I’d do this in a heartbeat. 

    I looooove watching your adventures though, the next best thing!  What a lovely place and of course you pick out the best of the best to see and do and bring them here to share with us.  

    Thanks so much! 

    ♥ Barb

  2. Looks like we may need to add the cotswolds to our “list” – have a great week

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