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What I learned this week

A few lessons to share this week

1. Getting my photo taken for some PR pics for my business is not as painless as I thought it would be – the lovely Trazanne Norwood really put me at my ease, did some wonders with her makeup brushes, and when I went to pick the images there were a few I actually liked!  This one is probably my favourite. If you in Northern Ireland and looking for some new head shot photos (and expertly applied makeup) I thoroughly recommend Trazanne – don’t let the “boudoir” part put you off!

This was probably my favourite image.

2.  I have fallen off my proposed weekly iPhone Friday posts – but life comes before blogging! Maybe I will post this week – time will tell….

3. Having daughters practicing for their Home Economics cookery practical many times is great when you get to sample the results.

4. It is finally warming up ever so slightly! Spring might  be in the air! Daffodils always make me feel spring-y, and these were how a bunch opened up over 4 days in my kitchen.

5. One of my daughters has just replaced her phone – and today got her first iPhone – so I am no longer the only iPhone fanatic in the house. Looking forward to her pics on Instagram!

6. We got our PhotoPass images from Disney last week – I am looking forward to completing our album – here are a couple of my favourite images.

7. When you are asked to speak at an Old Girls Association of your daughters’ school, you might just underestimate how embarrassing they find it – and that is before I actually even do the presentation The working title is “from banking to blogging and beading” and I will be sharing how I got started with my jewellery business www.janmarydesigns.com, this blog, iPhoneography and more! I’ll let you know how it goes!

So there you have it – my lessons learned this week. What have YOU learned this week? Please share!

You can find out what other bloggers have learned over at Julie’s From Inmates to Playdates (she is now a mum – she used to be a prison officer … hence the name of her blog!)

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  1. Love how your new photos turned out !! Beautiful – were you very nervous? I am still uncomfortable being on the other side of the lens isn’t that funny – and I am always the one telling people to relax – the flowers are so so pretty too!

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