A "charming" Show and Tell

My photos for Project 365 today are not the ones I planned………I did take the kids to a playground at Ramore Head today in Portrush, but I forgot my camera!

Instead, some pictures of some jewellery I made at the end of my jewellery course and some I made for my daughters.

Our class was a real mix of personalities and ages, and we had a wee party on our last night including some delicious home-made Mint Aero cheesecake. I really enjoyed the course, and am seriously considering enrolling for a full year long course in September in our local college.

First we have the charm bracelet I made at the class.

Then one I made for myself using an elasticated chain bracelet from Claires.

Then two I made for my daughters – they selected their own charms/beads.

I must say I really enjoy making them and am almost considering selling these in an etsy store. If you had a choice, what colours or charms would you choose?

I am not sure what appeals to me so much about charm bracelets, but I have always found them fascinating.

For more Show and Tell, visit Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home.

I can’t quite believe our Easter holiday here at the cottage is coming to an end. It has been lovely and in the most part relaxing……and it certainly beats living in the middle of our kitchen makeover.

Want another little peak of the transformation? Come back tomorrow!

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  1. WOW! Those bracelets are Awesome! My daughter loves to make bracelets too , I’ll have to show her these!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Have a Great Day!

  2. Oh wow! I’ve so wanted to try jewellery making ever since I saw a bracelet that was two strings of beads with names of your children in the middle iyswim? Your bracelets are gorgeous!! I’m so jealous lol Great work!

  3. I love the rainbow colors on that first bracelet shown for your daughters.

    I’m also envious of your cottage vacation — sounds perfectly lovely! Looking forward to seeing your kitchen renovation! I’m sure you are excited about it!

  4. wow!!! those bracelets are amazing!! when i saw them at the daily posts at w&w, i immediately visited your blog. i have been looking for charm bracelet like that. i wish i know how to make. if i am to choose, i would like multi-colored but more or red in it.
    beautiful bracelets!!

  5. Mmmmm, mint aero cheesecake? You really must share the recipe for that! When we lived in Michigan, I used to get aero bars from Canada all the time. I can’t tell you how I miss those! 🙂 All of your bracelets are awesome; you really do beautiful work!! If I had to choose, I would pick the colors and charms from the ones you made for your daughters. I like the actual bracelet part of those especially well too! Cute, cute, cute!!

  6. I’ll say it again, you are ONE talented lady! I LOVE, I mean L_O_V_E them all and would certainly buy them on etsy! Amazing, just amazing!

  7. those bracelets are fantastic. I have a friend who makes and sells them here in Sydney. I have 2 like the one with just the blue – I have a red one and a black one.

  8. just thought I’d sign in and comment as a name you’d know! Not the Gibberers! LOL!

  9. The bracelets are so beautiful! Very feminine! Just found your blog through Show & Tell Friday and have enjoyed browsing…your photos are great!
    Have a good day!

  10. You made these?!!!!! Oh wow, JanMary, I’m so, SO impressed!

    My Show n Tell this week isn’t much, but I did post a little…a little birdie. Happy Friday, happy weekend.

  11. I love charm bracelets too and yours are no exception. I’m just not delicate enough to make jewellry and I’m very envious of people who can. I’ve big sausage fingers:) I can see why you’re tempted by the year long course, it looks like a very addictive passtime and you should definitely consider selling these.

  12. those bracelets are so pretty! I love jewel tones – the deep reds and golds and greens.

  13. wow these bracelets are so fantastic – you did a great job!!!

    Have a good weekend!

  14. Lovely bracelets Jan. I have been doing a silversmithing course for 2 years now and it is definitely addictive but very therapeutic and relaxing too.

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