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Inside the Manor House – to the manor born?

We’re home from our half-term break – 2 nights in Manor Country House, Fermanagh and 2 nights up at our cottage on the north coast.

As requested, especially for Andrea,  I’m sharing some more of the inside of the Manor House.

manor house hotel fermanagh janmary

There’s going to be lots of photos and just a few words.

The entrance hall

manor house hotel fermanagh janmary

I loved the original tiled floor.

manor house hotel fermanagh janmary

And be sure to look up!

The view from the front hall

manor house hotel fermanagh janmary

The dining room

manor house hotel fermanagh janmary

The stairs towards the spa and pool.

manor house hotel fermanagh janmary

I love grand staircases!

manor house hotel fermanagh janmary

I especially loved the sofas in the drawing room

manor house hotel fermanagh janmary

On to our room – it was HUGE, with a huge bed.  The kids were in the room next door, and despite their room having a double bed and two single beds, our room was about THREE times the size! If you want a large room…..be sure to ask for room 505.

I must say that the whole hotel, despite the formal interior was very family friendly and welcomed our kids.

Even in the formal dinning room, where we were seated right in the middle, below the chandelier, the staff put us and the kids at ease.

So if you are looking for a child-friendly AND adult-friendly hotel with spa/pool and set in lovely countryside, I would recommend the Manor House in Fermanagh. I’m not being paid for this review – I wish I was!

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  1. That looks beautiful! I love the blue on the ceiling. You did a fabulous job with the indoor photographs. What’s your secret?

  2. The hotel looks beautiful- we have ben toying with the idea of going to Fermanagh for a couple of days in May. This is definately food for thought?

  3. OMGosh, those ceilings! That is just one stunning hotel. Thank you so much for posting these!

  4. This looks like a DREAM vacation spot. It would be worth it to stay if only to soak in the gorgeious architecture and views. But, since we can’t its awful nice of you to do it for us and share! A beautiful place to share beautiful memories.

    Love, Barb

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