My parents 50th wedding anniversary

On Monday evening we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary with a family meal. My brothers, their wives and most of the other grandkids were there, along with our family of 5.

We had a lovely meal in Parsons Nose in Hillsborough.

We didn’t manage a group photo at the restaurant, but here are my parents and kids back at our house later. It is rare to get all 5 on the sofa at once, looking in the same direction – but I think we managed it!

I remember way back when it was my parents 25th wedding anniversary, it is hard to believe another 25 years has past, and I have now married for 20 years!

I would love to include a photo of them from their wedding day, but don’t have access to that at the moment, and my parents are now in Tuscany, Italy, on a celebration holiday.

I hope in another 30 years I as am happy, healthy and happily married as my parents ….. and I’d quite to go to Tuscany too!

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