A Room with a View

Could not resist the title – for both this post and for my latest digital scrapbook page. I warn you this is the first of many pages and posts about Paris.

Credits for this pages – Antique Beauty by Lara Payton at Dusty Bear.

I chose our hotel by using TripAdvisor – the perfect site for a planner like me. For me, a significant proposrtion of the enjoyment of a holiday is in the planning. My husband, his brain is wired differently, and he just doesn’t “get” this. He does not really start to think about the holiday until he is on the plane. He is, however, more than happy to let me plan, look up maps, get books from the library etc, etc, and benefit from my planning frenzy…..so I suppose it is a win/win situation.

So…..the hotel we (I) chose was Hotel Residence Henri IV, in the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank, Paris.

I had arranged for some champagne to be waiting on ice as this was a 40th birthday present for my husband, which was a perfect addition to the room.

It lived up to my expectations, and I have no hesitation in recommending this hotel to anyone. Our room had a lovely balcony which you could step out on to (not all of the rooms had that) and it was small and charming hotel with only 8 rooms and 5 suites.

The view from our balcony

The room was large by Parisien hotel standards, and had a small kitchenette with fridge, sink, microwave etc which was really useful. It also had a bathroom with a bath and a window! I love to have a bath as opposed to a shower when on holidays, and I hate windlowless bathrooms without any natural light! Is anyone else as particular (fussy) as this, or is it just me?

The door through to the bathroom (and window!)

Finally, as you can see, I took a lot of photos of the stairs! I loved these stairs, the spiral, the windows, a different mirror on each level. There were however 100 steps up to our room, and while we mostly walked down te stairs we were very glad of the compact and slightly erratic lift that took us up again!

If you care to see more photos and read more ramblings of our Paris trip, come back soon, and even better, leave a comment! (You know who you are!!!)

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  1. I have to agree, what beautiful photos. Some of the photos remind me of an area in New Orleans. Sounds like a great time.

  2. Wow!!! Great pictures! Love the view, the room, those awesome stairs and the page that you made! Beautiful!

  3. All of the pictures so far are incredible! You’ve done a great job of storytelling with pictures. Can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  4. Oh! I love Paris. I’ve only been there once, for three days about 10 years ago, but I have such great memories.

    I also get a lot of enjoyment from the planning of a trip. In fact, once when we were flying back to the States from Cairo, I planned an elaborate week-long layover in Paris. Bought a few guidebooks, pored over maps, made reservations in four different hotels. Then we looked at our finances again and couldn’t really afford it. But the planning had satisfied my intense craving anyway.

    A few guidebooks are a lot cheaper sometimes! But I’m so happy for you that you actually got to, you know, go . . .

  5. Looks like you had a great trip! I’m really looking forward to the rest of the pictures!
    I have that same “thing” with bathrooms, I prefer one with a real window and natural light!

  6. WOW extremely breathtaking photos hon! I LOVE that staircase and I’d be walking up and down it all the time…well maybe not ALL the time..*lol* I prefer stares over elevators, but if it’s 26 flights *gulps*…yea I’d change my mind! Thanks for sharing doll!

  7. Those are just beautiful photos!!! I LOVE the staircase ones! I’m a bit of an architecture buff ~ the view from your windows was awesome, too. If I ever get to go to Paris, I know where I’m staying!!

  8. Love the pictures you’ve shared. I’ve been to Paris myself and loved it!

    Great scrapbook page!

  9. You are so talented with the Digital Scrapbooking!! I tried to do it a couple of months ago and decided to stick to writing instead of graphic design. I am no good!!

    Now that we are back from Costa Rica, I told my husband that Paris is the next place I would pick. Of course, that will be several years down the road. I’m so glad you had such a good time!!

    Thank you so, so much for praying for my husband while he was in the hospital and now my baby’s eye surgery this week. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get over here to comment and thank you!! Our post-op appointment went well today and his eyes are healing up nicely. Can you imagine having stitches in your eyes? Poor little guy!!

    OK, I’ll be back over here soon looking at your pictures and longing for Paris!!

  10. Wonderful! I bet it was a fantastic trip, and I love your photos! I’ll be sure to continue checking in for the full series.

  11. SIGH! sigh…. si…. what a beautiful trip you had. I love how your eye and camera caught all the lovely little nuances. Your careful planning paid off. If we ever go to Paris I shall consult you first.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and your layout and I look forward to many more!

  12. I am totally jealous! The hotel was gorgeous and when i GET to paris someday…I am looking up that Hotel!

    I love your site…I hope it’s okay to add you to my reader! 🙂 Your pages are amazing!

  13. Oh, I am so in love!

    I love your site! I will be back!

    Thanks for visiting mine!

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