Tis Springtime – time for some new shoes!

When I was offered the chance to review some of the new range of shoes from www.hotter.com I “jumped” at the chance (groan – think how many shoe/feet puns I could fit in this post, but I will try to resist!).

I nearly chose these, and was tempted by these, but in the end chose BLISS

review of hotter.com shoes

Here is what the brochure says about them:

Brimming with optimism of summer to come, new Bliss is the perfect shoe for promising weather. We’ve made it light and airy with cutwork and a handcrafted look that’s ideal with getaway gear, like a floaty skirt or relaxed crop trousers.

review of hotter.com shoes

They are a lovely shade of teal blue, and another colour option I was tempted by was raspberry.

They are very soft and comfortable, and now I just need the weather and temperatures to match.  The tag for www.hotter.com is “Comfort Concept” and this certainly match up.

This was my first time to order shoes online, ordering was easy, delivery was fast and they fitted well – what more could I ask for….accept maybe a pedicure!

I envisage these will be my go-to pair of shoes for this summer, perfect for the school pick-ups, the park, and maybe even for “ladies who lunch!”

So what about you – have your thoughts turned yet to shoes for the spring/summer?  Let me know.

Now all I need to do is get a bit of colour on my feet, as the world is not just yet ready to be blinded by their paleness!

In the interests of transparency and openness – thanks to www.hotter.com who let me keep the shoes 🙂

APOLOGIES – all comments on this post appear to have been “gobbled” – I have abandonned trying to use Disqus – normal commenting has resumed on subsequent posts, but my blog is huffing and is refusing to allow any more comments on this post. But thanks to all the emails letting me know how much you all LOVE the shoes – I do too!

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