3 December Nesting Nativity

I have always been fascinated by Russian nesting dolls, and my regular bloggy readers will know of my obsession passion for Nativty sets. So to find a nesting nativity set has been a mission of mine for several years. Last month I was in John Lewis department store on Oxford Street ……. and my quest was over!

Ta da!!!!

nesting Christmas nativity on www.janmary.com

From the 3 kings (yes, all 3 on the largest piece), through Joseph, Mary, an angel, a winking donkey (why winking?!) to a tiny baby Jesus they fit together perfectly.

This year the nesting nativity has joined my Christmas collection of other nesting sets ……. now that I have found it, what will I be looking out for next? Who knows!

Do you have a particular collection of Christmas decor items? What would make your collection complete? Do share!

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