Back to School and "Mother of the Year" fail!

The summer is over, and the kids are back to school.

My daughters started back to school on Wednesday – new timetables, new teachers, longer school skirts (which they detest!) and same old routine!

The following day, Thursday, my son started back at his school.

Here he is with my husband – I love this photo.

My son is now into Primary 4, and was really looking forward to staying in school til 3 o’clock with the rest of the senior school. When I dropped him off he said “See you at 3”

At twenty past twelve the school rang ……school finished at 12 o’clock ……. mother fail!!! I am sure there was a note back in June telling me that, but obviously I only registered the day, not the pick up time!

When I rushed up to school,  it was apparent I was not the only one who didn’t realise the early finishing time ….. but I still felt very guilty!!!

What is you most embarrassing moment? Care to share and make me feel a bit better?

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  1. lol! Don’t feel too bad. When you have multiple children in school and are storing data for everyone in the family, the memory banks sometimes get overloaded. One year I took my youngest to school, thinking we’d missed the bus. Dropped him off at the curb with a cheery, “have a good day,” only to get a call about 10 minutes later–reminding me that the school was closed because the following day was our U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. Didn’t see any other parents up there picking up their kids that day, either. Just me. 😉

  2. Hello JM

    Ah, how I remember those first “back to school” days – on one hand sad to see them return and on the other trying not to feel guilty enjoying some “mom-time” too.

    I love your father and son photo too!

    Hmmm – I will have to dig into my memory for something embarrassing – it was over 20 years ago! Perhaps I’ll ask my CHILDREN, haha, I may not even have known, right?

    ALWAYS love your posts.

    ~ Barb

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