Singing in the Disney Rain!

We have experienced all sorts of weather since our arrival in Disneyland Paris. Today started cool and damp, and ended up wet, wet, wet!
We still had a great time, exploring Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Alice’s Curious Labtrinth, Casey Jnr (non-scary) roller coaster (twice!), the story book boat trip and of course another round of Buzz, all before lunch.

We had a character buffet meal at Lucky Nugget Salloon and we saw lots of characters, and most of them stopped with us several times.

After lunch the rain poured and poured, and when we were thoroughly soaked, it rained some more! We still enjoyed Aladins (wet) flying carpet, and the girls and I had a cartoon drawing lesson at the Art of Disney Animation.
During the Studio Tram Tour we experienced some thunder and lightening, but this time only due to the special effects. After the kids enjoyed the Moteurs….Action show we went to the final show of the day Animagique which was great, especially as it was warm and dry!

We were glad to return to the hotel this evening for warm baths!

Can’t believe we return home to Northern Ireland tomorrow evening, after our final Disney day at the parks.

I don’t imagine I will manage to post tomorrow, so see you on Thursday with 2 days of photos for Project 365.
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  1. Wonderful photos! I LOVE Disney!
    I’ve 4 tickets here for Disneyland Paris! Hope we can go in spring! Where did you sleep there?

  2. it has been over 15 years, that I’ve been in Disneyland Paris. hope to go back there real soon !
    Love your pictures !!

  3. I went to Disneyland Paris in 1992 the year it opened when it was still called Euro Disney, I loved every minute of it and would love to go back some day.
    I too had rain, most of the time we were there, but still everyone had a smile on their face, and it was a sea of yellow Disney rain capes. Must scrap them pictures someday
    Thanks for the memories

  4. Sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the Disney photos. They’re great!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pictures with us. I love the wet Mickey sidewalk picture, that’s very cool! I’ve been to both Disneyland and Disney World numerous times, but never while it’s snowing and cold! 🙂 And all of the French names to things – hearing those is so fun! Everything is so familiar, yet strangely different! Hope you have a wonderful last day and a safe trip home!!

  6. One of my most memorable trips to Disneyland (always Anaheim…the only one I’ve been to…but hundreds of times)was when I was in high school and we went with our church choir tour. It poured buckets. We were all drenched, but I had the best time ever! You’ve just made memories that will last a lifetime!!

  7. Great photos! How did you kids like Moteurs…Actions? Here at Disney World it is called Lights, Action, Motors! and it’s incredible. It came from Disneyland Paris so I am sure it’s the same show you saw. We go to see it every time we visit Disney. We have been to the Art of Disney Animation twice. We drew Minnie and Donald. That was a lot of fun. I mostly took pictures of the kids drawing. Safe trip home. Did all your dreams come true? :O).

  8. LOVE the photos! I love the castle with the vine “growing” in it. I love Disney magic! I agree with Laura, strangely familiar, but different.

    So sorry it rained!

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