7 December – Christmas with Pinterest

I LOVE Christmas, and I LOVE Pinterest, so a Pinteresting Christmas sounds wonderful!

This is a collection of some of my fave Christmas themed pins.

These would be cute hung on the sides of mugs of hot chocolate

A simple nativity to make with kids

or this one

Simple yet effective idea for the Christmas table

Love the simplicity of this

This would be a lovely keepsake, to bring out ever year

Cute idea for the kitchen (but think this might be a step too far for my husband, who tolerates my Christmas decor obsession without complaint!)

This would be perfect for a beach cottage!

Of course most I will never manage to do (either due to lack of time or resources or skill!), but I do love to browse and find inspiration from others.

The most important message to remember, it that Christmas is not about the presents, the perfect tree, the meal with all the trimmings…..instead it is about Christ – the reason for the season

If you haven’t yet explored Pinterest …… why not!

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