Featured Post : How to enjoy the May Bank Holiday weekend with an iPod shuffle

Apple’s Shuffle MP3 player, once a ground breaking piece of kit, is often overlooked these days in favour of the iPhone, or the full sized iPod range; but this compact, colorful companion is ideal for taking along on spring break.

With fifteen hours of battery life, the iPod Shuffle has more than enough power to get you through a busy day of travelling, studying, exercising, or just chilling out. Two gigabytes of storage means the Shuffle has the capacity to hold several playlists and hundreds of songs. Just load it up with a few playlists, or let iTunes Genius pick the tracks for you, before hitting the road.

The clean and intuitive design of the controls, with the big, central button, makes it easy to start and stop the music, skip forward or back, and adjust the volume; all without losing your cool to look down. Choose between playing straight through your selections, or shuffling songs with the slider.

Because the tiny Shuffle simply clips on to your clothes, belt, bag strap, or almost anywhere else you can think of, it’s easy to take it wherever you’re going. It attaches so securely that you can even wear it while working out. At a lightweight 12.5 grams, and measuring just over a square inch in size, if it wasn’t for the music, you wouldn’t know it was there.

Enjoy your playlists in the car, on trains, buses and planes, walking, cycling, or jogging. Even relaxing on the beach or by the pool, if that’s where your spring break takes you; just not in the water. Its colored shell in anodised metal looks good with just about anything.

The sleek and simple design means the Shuffle is not only conveniently portable, but a pretty tough little cookie, too. Take it anywhere, without having to worry about scratches or cracked screens.

In a range of seven fresh, bright colors to suit sunny spring days, and at a pleasing price point, the iPod Shuffle is the perfect treat to give yourself. Apple even offers free personalisation with engraving on the back of the case. It’s time to give your spring break a soundtrack to remember.

Image by asthmatic used under the Creative Commons license

Image by Miguel A. Marcos used under the Creative Commons license

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