Photography Course – photowalk in Castle Gardens, Lisburn

Last week saw the start of a local community photography course in Lisburn. It was so popular that they decided to run two classes, and we have split into a Tuesday night and a Thursday night group.

On the first evening we were given an introduction by our tutor, photographer Stephen Wilson, who happens to be a friend of my brother’s from WAY back, and got all the admin stuff out of the way.

This week, despite the college being closed for Easter, we met up for a photowalk and a practical lesson. We were all challenged to move to Apperture Priority, set our cameras to focus solely on the middle and our aim was to record images with only part of each image in focus. It was a great chance to get to know our own cameras better, and soon we were all over the park, crouching down taking pics of daisies, fountains and statues.  We did get a few odd looks from some romantic couples who probably weren’t expecting so much company!

As the park shut at 8, we spent the last 30 minutes outside, looking at composing shots of the railings, war memorial etc.

I’m already looking forward to our next lesson, which will be in the class room.  We have a private forum where we can share our images etc, but as my bloggy readers you get to see them too! All images are straight from camera, totally unedited, which is rare for me, I usually like to tweak things just a little.

It’s been a while since I have been on a photography course, and while we are all at different levels, I think we will all benefit from the course. It has already given me the chance and incentive to take more photos, so that can’t be bad!

Next post will be about our house swap to Galway – we arrived this afternoon, the house is large and lovely!

I hope wherever you are you are enjoying some lovely Easter weather, and that the reason we celebrate new life on Easter Sunday will be real for you.

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