Wii have made it past 2 weeks

At a lovely hotel for my birthday and blogging via iPhone again, so some links will be added later.

So wii have made it to the half way mark of the 30 day challenge of the Wii Sports Active Personal Trainer. In the interests of openess and transparency I was sent this product to review – but the opinions – they are all mine!


Not quite so dedicated this week as I must confess that for 2 evenings in a row I missed exercising. Being at the cottage for this week means I have not had the option to go to the “other” room to do my workout so I have been less inclined due to the captive audience! However I got back on track and kept to the schedule since.

Definitely noticing an increase in demand from my trainer, however there are times when I wish I could turn her voice off! Don’t mind the exercise instructions, but the “great job” etc I would not miss!!! Biggest exercise challenge this week has been the holding squats.

I thought I would share my opinions on comparing Wii Active and Wii Fit as a number of you have asked about this. We have both and to me the Fit is more games orientated and for kids. Whilst my daughters have enjoyed the Wii Active, I think it is more suited to serious exercise than the Fit. Not that you need to be seriously active, but just more suited to getting your heart pumping and working up a sweat! Both games can use the Wii board but I think it is better with the Wii Fit and not essential for the Wii Active. In fact it interrupts the pace of your Active work out as you need to keep moving it out of the way and then dragging it back and turning it on again.

A number of you have already told me you have bought the Active since reading my Week 1 review and I am looking forward to hearing how you find it! Hopefully you are enjoying it as much as I am and feeling fitter and healthier because of it.

Off now to enjoy the spa facilities at this lovely hotel where we are celebrating my birthday.

Until next time, take care.

— Post From My iPhone

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  1. I’m really glad you are posting about Wii Active and Fit! On his birthday, my son bought a Wii for himself with his hoard of saved money and I’ve been hinting about Wii exercise game for Christmas – I’ll be watching for more posts and comments!

    Spa facilities. That sounds so wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. Well happy birthday! Stopping by from SITS. Here’s a virtual toast to you 🙂

  3. Happy Birthdat to you!!!!!woow what a gorgeous idea with spa Have a fun and we are waiting for more photos with you 😀

  4. wow what a wonderful gift with the lovely hotel and the spa – hope you enjoyed it! Beautiful pictures.

    When is the date of your birthday??

  5. We’re still relatively old-school Nintendo 64 over here. Maybe we should enter the 21st Century?

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