Saturday summary

Not a very imaginative name for this post, but I am lacking inspiration.

Today, as planned, we packed up the majority of the kitchen cupboards in preparation for the new kitchen being fitted. We have left only the bare essentials to get us through the week. I have also removed all the kids drawings etc from the cupboard fronts, and had not appreciated quite how much they had brightened up the kitchen. Now with only the black cupboards, the kitchen seems darker than ever, and I can’t wait for the light cream cupboards to be fitted.

This afternoon I did some sewing, which is not my strong point. I had to sew on my daughters’ Girls Brigade badges, as it is there GB annual display this evening.

Here are the girls in their GB uniform, demonstrating some sisterly love.

Earlier this afternoon my eldest daughter did some chalk drawing in the garden Despite the cold wind, it looks quite warm and sunny!

The clocks change forward one hour tonight, and added to the GB display this evening, I am expecting some tired kids in the morning.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. I had to look up what Girls Brigade was. How I wish we had that here. The closest we have is Girl Scouts. I like what GB is based from better. Kitchens are fun. Can you come do mine too? LOL.

  2. I did not love sewing! It´s not my favourite work, too! You did it great and the girls are looking great!!

  3. How exciting for the kitchen remodeling!! That is always a lot of work, but so wonderful when it’s done!

    I love your daughters artwork, and what fun to do the concrete steps like that!! Looks like fun activity, even if it’s chilly!

  4. Hmmm, I like the second picture of the girls. It’s more believable! *grin*

    I hope the kitchen work goes well. We completely renovated our kitchen in our last house, and I hated the process. I went a whole week without a kitchen sink. Either washed the dishes in the shower, or under the spiggot on the side of the house. Whew! Glad that’s over.

  5. Your girls are just lovely. Just Beautiful.

    I don’t like time changes. That is always a hard week for me!

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